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Nasdaq 100 futures edging towards 17k this morning

The European stock markets are now in the red this morning. I noted here earlier, that it was a less than impressive start to the day after the opening and that has now delivered losses for the likes of the DAX and the FTSE 100. At the same time, the Dow Jones futures have now fallen back too. Not so the Nasdaq 100 futures though. Yesterday the Nasdaq 100 did hold its ground and avoid what could have been a technically negative close below 16,878. In fact, the index later posted a record close at 16,906, after rising to a new all time record high, at 16,922. This morning the Nasdaq 100 futures are pricing an even higher opening, That is currently at above 16,965 and now the coveted 17k handle would seem to be very much in the crosshairs for later this afternoon 

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