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Nasdaq 100 futures edge off lows as Europe gains

The noted gains in the DAX and more especially in the FTSE 100 today have helped to lift the Nasdaq 100 futures off their earlier lows. The index did reach a new milestone yesterday, when it set a new all time high at 18,464. However, it could not hold all of that gain into the close. The Nasdaq 100 was pushed back by losses of more than 4% in shares of Apple (AAPL). The index later closed at 18,320, with a less ebullient rise of 80 points on the session. Nevertheless, that was still a record close for the index last night. Earlier today the Nasdaq 100 future was pricing a reopening at below 18,300, but the gains here in Europe have helped to lift it off those lows. It is currently priced to reopen at around 18,350

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