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Nasdaq 100 futures edge lower even as Apple Q3 earnings beat the street

The Q3 earnings results from the US tech giant, Apple (AAPL) have just been released. The markets were expecting Q3 revenue of $89.28 billion and Q3 EPS of $1.39. The actual report revealed revenue of $89.50 and an EPS of $1.46. Ahead of this the Nasdaq 100 had closed pretty near to its highs of the day (14,930) ending the session at 14,919, with a gain of 254 points on the day. The Nasdaq 100 futures were trading a little lower as the earnings data from Apple hit the screens, at around 14,914. The impact of this Apple Q3 earnings report has sent the futures a little lower still and the reason for that seems to rest with some elements of the report not being quite so good as the headline numbers would suggest. The mostly surrounds revenue from China. Apple shares are slipping in the premarket following this report, by around 1.5%. The Nasdaq 100 futures are just now edging lower too, at around 4,308  

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