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As Nasdaq 100 futures edge higher is it right to beg the question?

There can be no doubting just how resilient the US stock markets are these days. Nothing seems to bother them much for more than a short period, before they resume the relentless upward march, that has taken them to records already this year. So, taking that into account and looking at the news that knocked them back yesterday, was that just a timely excuse for a one-day correction, or is it the start of a downside move that has further to play out? In truth the answer to that looks a little uncertain now. I know what I think, but that is not necessarily the right conclusion. So, right now the US stock market futures are still edging higher and the focus here is on the Nasdaq 100, which was the worst performer in percentage terms yesterday. The index future is now pricing a reopening at above 17,700, where it was below 17,600 earlier today. The dollar is higher at the same time which tells me the Nasdaq 100 futures seem to again be ignoring those US yields and if that remains the case, then I will let you reach your own conclusion

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