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Nasdaq 100 futures edge higher following negative close on Friday

It was not a very positive close for the US stock markets on Friday. All three major indexes closed lower on the day and once again the losses were led by the tech sector and the Nasdaq 100. The index closed 1.75% lower. Shedding 271 points, closing at 15,202. That close compared to losses on the day for the S+P 500 of 1.22% and 0.82% for the Dow Jones. As noted here last week, the Japanese markets have been closed today and the rest of the Asian scene is mostly red this morning. That has not stopped the US equity futures from making some modest gains though. As to whether those will be held and transposed later today into the opening remains to be seen. Right now though, the Nasdaq futures are pricing a very modestly higher opening, at around 15,230 

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