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Nasdaq 100 flies the flag this time

Yesterday it was the Nasdaq 100 that came first in the order of best performing major US stock market indexes, breaking the recent run of outperformance by the Dow Jones. The Nasdaq 100 was the only one of the three to post a higher close. That said, it was not exactly a massive gain on the day. The Nasdaq 100 closed 37 points higher, at 18,198. The best performing stock within the index was Moderna (+7.13%) and the Meta was one of the worst (-1.72%). The Nasdaq 100 might react to the US PPI report this afternoon, but it is likely to be more influenced by the CPI report tomorrow and ahead of that, in respect of the wider markets, it looks like the froth is just coming off the markets here in Europe and perhaps later in the US too, ahead of that CPI report. It could be time for some to think about banking gains right now perhaps ? The Nasdaq 100 futures are currently pricing the reopening at around 18,190 

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