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Nasdaq 100 falls below 18k

Following from an update here not long ago, noting the further falls across the US and European stock markets, the Nasdaq 100 has now fallen into line in that respect. For the first hour of live trading today, the tech sector and the Nasdaq 100 were at odds with the losses in the Dow Jones. Well, not any more and one reason for the fall back in the Nasdaq 100 appears to rest with some downside now in NVIDIA. That stock has taken a hit as some leading analysts start to question the true demand for their chips going forward. So, the Nasdaq 100 is back on a downward path and if this move extends then it might threaten the lows seen last week, when the index got crushed to around 17,870. If the price breaks below there, then it would be a surprise, if there was now a further extension to the downside. The Nasdaq 100 is currently trading at 17,995

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