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Nasdaq 100 falls back as dollar bounces off lows coming into the 4pm Fix

Well, the final 4pm London FX fix of the year will soon be upon us and the dollar more generally is just coming off a moderate sell-off that has taken place since the US stock markets reopened. Talking of that, the Nasdaq 100 is now extending to the downside after earlier failing to make much headway above 16,900. The index has just now dipped below 16,850, which does endorse the technically negative close that has been highlighted here a few times already today. The Dow Jones is just now turning lower too and all of a sudden the equity vista stateside has turned a little red. Of course that might change, but at the same time, it would be no surprise if it did not, given the records that have been set this week and where we are right now at the death of 2023. The Nasdaq 100 is now falling a bit harder, currently trading at 16,830

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