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Nasdaq 100 does it again

Yesterday the Nasdaq 100 was once again the best performing major US stock market index. The Nasdaq 100 deified losses seen in the Dow Jones and the S+P 500 and closed higher on the day. That said it was not a major gain by any means, but it did once again cement the recent trend of tech outperformance over the cyclical sector. The Nasdaq 100 closed 28 points higher, at 16,678. Overnight the Nasdaq 100 futures have made progress too and are pricing a higher opening for later today. That seems to have been assisted by a standout gain for the Nikkei 225 today, as the index closed well above 34k, at 34,441, with a gain of 678 points on the session. That is in sharp contrast to losses seen across the Chinese markets and once more the divergence between the two is stark. As far as US data releases is concerned today, there is not much to shout about and of course tomorrow is the potentially big day for the Nasdaq anyway, with the release of the latest US CPI report. That could impact US yields in either direction and consequently move the Nasdaq 100. The index future is currently pricing the reopening at around 16,725

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