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Nasdaq 100 continues to act as an investment haven

The one thing that has become abundantly clear this week; is the drive into tech and the Nasdaq 100 has not yet succumbed to the woes hitting the wider markets and as such it might even be acting as a haven right now, because the flows into tech at the expense of the wider markets do not yet appear to have run their course. So, the Nasdaq 100 actually opened slightly lower today, at 19,557. The index closed last night 19,576. The low seen after the opening was set at 19,534 and since then the index has lifted to a high at 19,618. Now that is still below the record high seen yesterday, at 19,639. However, the price action right now would not rule out a new record high today. Of course that might be a bridge too far, but even if the index does not set fresh records today, it looks like continuing to act as a haven for hot investment flows, seeking an alternative from the wider markets. The Nasdaq 100 is currently trading at 19,596

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