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Nasdaq 100 comes off highs even as US services ISM lower on almost all counts

The October US service sector ISM (Institute of Supply Management) index has just been released. As noted here earlier, the markets were anticipating a slightly lower reading in October. The forecast consensus was for a reading of 53, compared to 53.6 in September. The actual outcome of this was not good, as it was lower, almost across the board on all components. The headline number was 51.8 and below consensus. The S+P 500 and the Nasdaq 100 were both forging ahead following a higher opening today before this index data arrived. The Nasdaq 100 in particular is of note here, as it had made a move above 15k, which is something it was not able to achieve yesterday. The impact of this weak ISM data has sent it a bit lower for the time being, but that might just be temporary. The Nasdaq 100 is currently trading a 15,026 after rising to as high as 15,076 earlier 

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