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Nasdaq 100 again leads positive US weekly closes

On Friday the US stock markets posted further gains ahead of the monthly close later this week, on Wednesday.  The Nasdaq 100 closed 1.65% higher on Friday, compared to a rise of 1.02% for the S+P 500 and just 0.40% for the Dow Jones. The Nasdaq 100 closed 287 points higher at 17,718, which was interestingly right on the technical level noted here again on Friday. The index did surpass that level ahead of the close though, when it reached a new rebound high at 17,772. The next level in that respect is now at 17,894 and that might be on the radar later today. That is the price point of a 61.8% correction of the fall, from the record high at 18,464, to the low at 16,973. There are some more big gun tech firms reporting their Q1 results this week, but those will be looked at more closely in updates to follow. Meantime, the Nasdaq 100 futures are just now pricing the opening for later today at around 17,770

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