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Month end sell-off sees Nasdaq 100 lead US losses

Well, it was not a happy ending to the month for the US stock markets last night. The Dow Jones handed back 570 points and lost 1.49% on the day. However, in pure percentage terms it was the Nasdaq 100 that led the way lower. The index closed 1.92% lower, closing 342 points lower, at 17,440. The results from Amazon just after the closing bell did not seem to help the Nasdaq 100 futures much either. Results from AMD were not too well received and stock fell almost 4% in after hours trading. Overnight the Asian markets are mostly in the red, but in percentage terms the losses are slight. That has eased the pressure on the Nasdaq futures, which were close to 17,300 very late yesterday evening. They are currently pricing the opening for later today at around 17,400. Next up comes some important US data this afternoon and then its over to the Fed this evening 

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