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Many now believe 130k is on the cards- Check out Bitcoin rising closer to 65k now

As Bitcoin rises to fresh 2 year highs above 64k today, the calls for it to appreciate further are ringing large and loud. Of course many of those calls are predicated on the prospect of BTC mining to half its capacity in April. That is a major driver, coupled with the prior launch of around a dozen EFT listings. I have heard of many analyst calls for Bitcoin to rise to 130k, 180k and even above 200k. So are those warranted, or just the vested interest of those that are long, attempting to shout it higher. Look, we have seen this many times before, but perhaps this time is a little different and al the time the force is strong with this one it seems hard to bet against further upside. The next really important level to note right now is not so far away though. That is the current all time high, set in December 2021, at 68,991. If BTC gets past that, then expect those calls to get even louder. Further to an earlier update here this morning, Bitcoin has now lifted to a fresh 2024 high close to 65k. It is just now trading at 64,770 

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