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Is the latest New New York Fed report a concern for stocks?- Check out the Dow Jones today

Yesterday the Dow Jones continued to rebound and that saw the index end the day 141 points higher, at 38,521. The range seen on the day was covered by 38,350 to 38,545, so as you can see, the close was not far off its best levels of the day. Meanwhile, elsewhere a rather damning report was released by the New York Fed. That report was all about the rising consumer debt pile mounting in the US. Let me provide some detail on that here. US auto loan delinquencies rose to 7.69%, which was the highest since 2010. Credit card delinquencies rose to 8.52%- the highest since 2011. Overall household debt rose to $17.5 Trillion, which was a new all time high. So, is that a major concern for the US markets? Well it is surely not good news, either way you choose to cut it. The question for the markets; is at what point will this straw tip over the apple cart. It is a little under the wider market radar right now, but it is surely an alarm bell not to be dismissed. So far it has been ignored though, as far as the Dow Jones futures are concerned. The index is currently priced to reopen at around 38,530 

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