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Kishida comments lift USD/JPY to session highs above 147.75

Yesterday the price action in the USD/JPY was pretty wild, as covered in updates here at the time. The USD/JPY could not hold the rise above 148 though and later closed in the US, pretty much in the middle of the day range, at 147.68. Earlier today the dollar fell back to a session low at 147.24, but more recently it has been rising again and that rise just got another jolt higher from comments by the Japanese Prime Minister, Kishida. He just said that the battle against deflation has not yet been won, whilst calling for wage increases at the same time- make sense of that if you can. Anyway those comments have helped to push the USD/JPY to a session high so far at 147.79, reached a few moments ago. At the same time the BOJ governor, Ueda is singing from a different song sheet it seems. He just said pretty much the opposite to his boss. Ueda is still on the new wires now. The USD/JPY is just now trading at 147.75

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