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With jobs numbers like that you can forget a Fed cut this side of the summer

I am going to be straight with you here and not pin this update to any instrument for a change. That latest US jobs number has really made many analysts look rather foolish. They have been dozens of them gunning and calling for a Fed rate cut in March and now some are paring that back until May. Well, in the opinion here, unless that data is reversed in the next couple of months, you can consign that outlook to the trash can. There is no way the Fed is going to rush to cut interest rates with data like that and I do not care what anyone else has to say on the subject. The dollar is making progress right now on the back of this data and the US stock markets may yet have to rethink their immediate direction, although I concede this is not actually bad news for US stocks. The only surprise right here and now; is that the dollar is not even higher than it is 

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