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Japan is closed but the USD/JPY is not taking any chances today

Yesterday the push above 150.50 in the USD/JPY came as US yields rose and the dollar rebounded across the board. That was clear to see and as covered here at the time, the USD/JPY managed to rise above a level that level, which had been capping the topside for several sessions. However, the move above 150,50 did not extend very far.The high seen was at 150.69. It later closed in the US at 150.53. It has not managed yet to climb above 150.69 today, despite the BOJ potentially making a long weekend of it. There seems to be a degree of trepidation out there just now, but that might not stop the dollar from eventually rising further. The range seen so far today has been covered by 150.38 to 150.65. It is just now trading at 150.60

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