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Its that rotation game again as Quad-witching impacts tech-check out the Dow Jones now

The rotation we saw play out yesterday across the US stock markets looks to be in evidence once again this afternoon. That is because both the Nasdaq 100 and S+P 500 are lower and the Dow Jones is higher. Perhaps we can simply blame the slide in NVDA right now for that? The stock is down almost 5% at the last time of looking and that is hampering those two indexes, where of course it is not having the same impact on the Dow Jones. So, maybe it would be better to replace the word rotation with just NVIDIA when looking at how all these 3 markets perform. Anyway, whatever the right choice of dialogue, it looks like quad-witching is getting the better of the tech stocks too. So, the Dow is performing best of all right now after an early drop to a session low at 39,061. The index is currently back in the green, right now trading at 39,160

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