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Its not looking so good for the US opening now-check out the Dow Jones again

Further to my last update, noting the comments from the Fed governor, John Williams has seriously walked back on all that emerged earlier this week from Jerome Powell and the Fed policy meeting. This sent the dollar higher across the board and now the USD/JPY is approaching that 142.50 level it rejected earlier today. The slide in the EUR/USD has extended too and now that is falling very close to the 1.09 handle. This has all weighed in the opening outlook for the US stock markets and then add that onto the quad witching I have been talking about and this could all get a bit messy. The Dow Jones future is now handing back most of its earlier gains and might even get to a point where it does not actually open higher at all. We shall see, but one thing is for sure; Williams has just thrown a surprise the markets were not expecting earlier today 

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