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It was very close but no cigar yet for the Nikkei 225 (corrected)

In December 1989 the Nikkei 225 topped out at 38,957. It spent the next 15 years falling back before basing out just below 7,000 after the financial crisis. Well, since then it has been on the rebound and that rebound has taken it back to within an inch of that all time record high earlier today. The Nikkei 225 topped out today at 38,865. However, it was unable to hold all that gain into the close and ended the week earlier this morning, at 38,487, with a gain of 329 points on the day. So, looking forward to next week, it will be interesting to see it the index can rise, to set new records. The continuation of a zero rate policy from the BOJ has been front and centre of the fresh 34 year highs in the Nikkei. The outlook for Japanese monetary to lag remains the major driver and all the while the BOJ sits on their hands, the markets will surely chase this index to fresh sunlit uplands 

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