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It was all red for Europe yesterday as the final session of the year looms for the DAX

There were no gains for any of the European stock markets yesterday and certainly none amongst the major indexes. The best performer in terms of losses was the FTSE 100, which barely shifted the dial, when closing just 2 points lower, at 7,722. The worst was the CAC 40, with a 0.48% loss. The DAX closed 0.24% lower, at 16,701. The index futures on all three indexes are not exactly setting the world alight this morning and of course there is good reason for that, as the markets creep into the final trading session of the year. I am going to keep reminding readers of that looming year-end all day unfortunately, as it is something that seems unavoidable in the narrative today. It is only one more day though folks, in case you get sick of the repetition. Well, the DAX futures are a little higher this morning, but not by anything that is going to make you jump out of your seat. The DAX is currently priced to reopen at around 16,720.

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