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It is a sea of Red now across Europe this morning- check out the FTSE 100

Well, the fallout from India and lower oil prices has really hit the wider markets, as noted here earlier and it is no surprise to see equity market losses extending further. That was very much the outlook painted here much earlier this morning. So, the DAX is now further in the red.falling below 18,450. The US futures are further in the red to, led by more losses in the Dow Jones. The oil price is on session lows as this update is written. Brent is just now testing the $77 handle and Gold is still falling, much to the consternation of many perhaps too. As noted here ahead of the European opening, that dynamic was likely to have an adverse impact on the FTSE 100 and so it has. The UK benchmark is now flirting with the 8,200 handle and given all that surrounds it right now, that is not exactly a surprise. 

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