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It might be important to keep a close eye on the S+P 500 today

Some important information has come to my attention regarding the alleged scale of the Triple Witching in the S+P 500. today This is second hand folks, so make of it what you will. According to a report circulating out there, there is some $5 trillion of stock options set to expire stateside today, with 80% of those in the S+P 500. That is said to be the largest expiration of its kind in over 20 years. Now I am not saying anything about what directional impact that might have on the index later today, but the inference for price movement potential is clearly something to be wary of. That said, the S+P 500 futures are not actually moving much at the moment, but that is not to say the index will be this static when live trading resumes at 2.30pm GMT. The index closed last night at 4,719. It is currently priced to reopen at around 4,728

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