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It is getting thin out there-check out the USD/JPY price action now

Well, if you ever wanted to see what thin markets can do for price action, then look no further than the USD/JPY right now this afternoon. Since my last update and the noted slide to 140.25, the dollar has bounced back even more aggressively. It has hits now ratcheted to 141.26. Hence, around 100 pips higher than just a few minutes ago. This time of year is notorious for such swings and that is all about a lack of liquidity. To be honest I would not like to say where it will go from here on. Granted these price swings are providing opportunity for trading, but of course one has to be dexterous and not greedy either.  It is also safe to say; that the Yen is calling all the shots this afternoon and in terms volatility, leaving all others behind it in its wake. The USD/JPY is just now trading at 141.14

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