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Is it geopolitics that has pushed Brent higher today?

If you are looking for a reason as to why Brent has lifted to session highs around $83.35 a short while ago then they are in equally short supply here. Irrespective of the reason Brent is higher and that comes after it had fallen back to a low around $81.85 yesterday morning. The rebound that followed yesterday saw it just touch $83 and later settle $0.15 higher on the NYMEX exchange, at $82.75. Much earlier today the price fell back to below $82 during the Asian session, but as you can see it has rebounded back above $83 since then. The high seen so far has been set at $83.35 a moment ago. In attempting to try and explain the reason for the move given all the latest demand outlook reports perhaps might rest with the deteriorating geopolitical situation, but in truth that link looks flimsy at best. Brent is currently trading at $83.26

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