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An important reminder about Quick News updates tomorrow

As noted before the Christmas break, there will be no Quick News updates here tomorrow. That is due to a pre-planned absence and in truth it is not ideal with the monthly US jobs report due out at 1.30pm GMT tomorrow afternoon.There will be more to add on that later today. Normal updates will resume on Monday January 8. Meantime, the dollar is still holding gains overall so far in 2024, but this jobs report could help decide whether that remains the case coming into next week. Of course it is still very early in the year and there is much that can chop and change in Q1. The rebound in the US dollar is still corrective to the losses it suffered in Q4 last year and I have already covered the cyclicality of that in several previous updates. It remains to be seen if that cyclicality will now deliver a more lasting rebound for the US currency by the end of March this year 

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