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Important message regarding Quick News updates later next week

If you are a regular reader of these updates, please note there will be no coverage from this particular analyst next week, from Wednesday morning until the end of the week. Normal coverage will resume on Monday October 2. Now, I cannot legislate for what news will emerge over that period and what coverage will be seen on the platform. I would just say, that Friday next week marks the end of the month and the quarter, so there is the potential for a good deal of last minute window dressing, stock re-balancing and FX fixing orders ahead of that quarter end. It is also worth noting; that next Friday is also the Japanese financial half-year end too. So far there has been little evidence of any Yen repatriation for that reason, but it would be unwise to rule that out entirely. The USD/JPY is still on the front for the time being, currently trading at 148.27

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