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Important events and releases this week could shape the dollar index (USDX) going forward

It is a pretty busy week ahead for the Financial markets with some key releases and Central Bank policy decisions falling due. The Bank of Canada policy decision on Wednesday was already noted here earlier today and ahead of that we have the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, at around 3am GMT on April 10. After that, at 1.30pm GMT we get the really important data from the US. That is the latest Consumer Price index (CPI). There will be more to add on what is expected to emerge from that later nearer the time. Then on Thursday, at 1.15pm GMT we get the European Central Bank (ECB). That was covered in part here earlier today when looking at the prospects for the Euro. The dollar index (USDX) is not much changed so far today, but the culmination of all these events this week could help shape the next move, whether that is back above 105, or back underneath 104. Perhaps a break either side of those parameters this week will set up a more definitive move? We shall see on that. The index topped out at 104.69 on Friday and later closed at 104.30. The range seen so far today has been covered by 104.25 to 104.43. The most recent highs and lows over the past couple weeks have been have been set at 103.91 and 105.10. It is just now trading at 104.39

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