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If you are disappointed by EUR/USD inertia here is one possible reason why

Well, the EUR/USD has once again underwhelmed it seems. It should have done better following the US ISM service sector report. However, the rise such as it is has so far only got to 1.0876. So, once again we remain inside 1.08-1.09 it seems. The lack of price action is almost deafening by its silence. That surely has many traders chewing the cud and scratching their heads, but there is a reason for this inert price reaction. That is because the EUR/USD is waiting to see what the ECB will deliver on Thursday. Look, it might be nothing and it could be something and that something could be enough to set off a swing based move that might extend more than it has for a while now. However, it looks like the markets really want to wait and see just what that is. If that is not the prognosis, then I am sorry to say; I have no other explanation for the current price action. The EUR/USD is just now trading at 1.0868

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