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If ever you wanted to see rapid price action then just look at the Dow Jones already today

Well, no sooner was the ink dry on my previous update, the Dow Jones futures dumped right on the opening and that saw the index itself reopen officially at 37,115. According to the price watch I have which is 100% accurate, the index then traded immediately lower and when I say immediately, I mean in less time than it takes to blink. According to my price feed the official low was set at 37,088, which ,means it filled the price gap on the opening in a millisecond and then rebounded straight back above 37,200. The thing is folks, we have increased levels of volatile price action out there again today. So, if you are involved, then please remain extremely vigilant, as all these instruments are increasingly getting thinner and thinner. The Dow Jones is falling again now as I sign off here, currently trading at 37,125

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