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I hate to say it again but here you go-check out the USD/JPY now

In the past couple of minutes those US treasury yields have turned lower once more. The 2 Year noted is lower by around 5 BP (Basis points) and that has been enough to send the USD/JPY crunching lower. The rise in bonds came as the US stock markets opened. The high seen earlier in the USD/JPY was set earlier this morning at around 148.25, but now it is sliding back below 147.75 a moment ago. So, I have to report once more; that the shift in the US bond yields has altered the direction for the dollar here. To also repeat; that this is all being driven by automated trading systems that can react in fractions of a second to any shift in those US bond markets. The record gains in US stocks this afternoon is also a driver behind the move higher in bonds. So, my advice is that you find a way to keep a close eye on those bond markets, if you are involved in the USD/JPY, which is currently trading at 147.73

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