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History repeats once again after gold reverses earlier $20 drop

Well, the recent pattern of $20-$30 dips has for now repeated itself once more it seems. Earlier today Gold reached a new all time record high at $2,365.35. It then fell back to a low around  $2,345.65. since then it has bounced again and lifted back above $2,360. It has not threatened that earlier record high yet. Perhaps under the current dynamic rise, it might yet do that ahead of the close this evening and if it does, then that dip buying pattern will extend for almost a dozen days now. The simple truth about this record run for Gold, is that is is stemming mainly from a couple of very hefty Central Bank buyers who have been joined by some heavyweight investment banker target calls. The consensus amongst that lot, who have joined this rush, is for Gold to rise to $2,400 and perhaps $,2,500 this year. Well, at this rate it could get there before the month is out, if it keeps up the current run rate. Gold is just now trading at $2,360.60 and it seems to garnering some traction right now from a further drop back in US and European stocks 

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