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A heads up on important economic releases due later this week as USD/JPY lifts again

As noted here on Friday, this analyst will away from this Wednesday until next Monday, October 2. During that absence the third quarter will of course draw to a close. So, whilst not able to provide you with any information over the final 3 days of this week, here are some pointers on what important releases are falling due. On Wednesday we have the US Richmond Fed Index (12.30pm GMT). Thursday there is the US final Q2 GDP report (12.30pm GMT) and on Friday we have the August PCE data (12.30pm GMT). All of these could have an impact on the dollar and the US equity markets heading into the end of Q3. On Friday at 6am GMT we get the final UK Q2 GDP report. The Japanese September CPI data is due earlier that day, in the early hours. As far as Europe is concerned, the really big data point comes at 9am GMT on Friday, with the September CPI report. Of course much will depend on how the US data and Japanese CPI works out, but so far today the rhetoric from BOJ officials has done nothing to detract from the current trend higher in the USD/JPY. That has just now set another new 2023 high, currently at 148.71

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