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Has the Norges Bank just sent a message to the ECB? check out the EUR/USD

The Central Bank of Norway, the Norges Bank has just surprised a few analysts, by raising their benchmark rate to 4.5%, from 4.25%. This was not entirely unexpected in some  quarters though, as the Norges Bank did state previously; that a final rate hike was still on the table. There is inference in this move though and perhaps it will not be wasted on the ECB. Personally I doubt the ECB will dream of following suit later today, as they are surely more focused on the latest moves by the Fed and their own regional issues. That all said, the move by the Norges Bank has helped to lift the EUR/USD back above 1.09 and close to current session highs, at 1.0915. It has also pushed the DAX back down further and now testing the 16,900 handle 

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