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Has the Dow Jones got 40k on the radar now ?

Well officially the Dow Jones reopened today at 39,615, but in reality that was not a tradable price or even close to it. The index has lifted close to 39,800 so far and hence now not far off its current all time high, at 39,899 reached on March 28. The price action is quite sporadic in early trading but that is usual at these level, where 50 points is nothing in percentage terms. The high seen so far has been set at 39,794, but it is off that high just now. However, it is very early in the session and with many hours to go before the close; what chance 40k on the Dow Jones today? Pretty tight odds on that it would seem and as far as US data and events go today there is not much for the index to contend with and certainly little to detract from got the Dow Jones back here in the first place. The index is currently trading at 39,740 and seeming pared back by a dollar that is fighting its way off the lows right now 

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