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Gold takes a breather ahead of $2,120

Yesterday recent dynamic rebound in Gold was covered in updates here and subsequent to those updates the metal stalled just short of $2,120 per ounce, The high seen ahead of the US close was set at $2,119.95. It subsequently closed at $2,114.48. So, far today it has stalled just short of that $2,120 level again. The high seen earlier this morning was set at $2,119.75. The current all time (December 4) high, at $2,135.39 therefore remains intact. As to who has been buying the metal, there is no news on that here, but there would not be a surprise if there is a central bank hand at play here. The low seen so far this morning has been set at $2,110.54, but it is well above that low just now, currently trading at $2,115.80

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