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Gold slips as US yields rise

The US bond yields are rising again right now. That is impacting the equity space and the dollar. In particular focus here is the USD/JPY. That is now edging to session highs, just above 151.70, as a result of those higher US yields. Of course, at the same time, it is not taking any chances yet with the BOJ. The other impact of those higher yields right now is impacting gold prices lower. That is something which did not happen yesterday though, as noted here earlier this morning, but it is right now. Perhaps the push higher in US yields is merely providing a good excuse to force some profit-taking, from what was a new record high above $2,288 set earlier today. So, it remains to be seen if those gold hungry buyers will return on the next $20-30 dip? Gold has now dropped back some $18 from its earlier highs. It is just now trading at $2,272.15

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