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Gold slips again as US yields rise

Well, I am looking around the markets following that US data and now I am seeing those US yields press higher again. They have not lifted by much but compared to where they were earlier in the week, we are talking quite a change. So, after scratching my head after the New York Fed index release, I can now explain with some certainly, why the dollar has not fallen on that data. In truth it does not always reach much to it sometimes anyway. So, right now the move in US bonds is far more pertinent for the markets and that has impacted gold prices. Earlier today the metal was above $2,170. It has now taken quite a dive once more, falling to fresh session lows underneath $2,160. The low seen just now has been set at $2,158.11. So, if you are involved then it would be wise to keep an eye on those bond yields. Gold is currently trading at $2,158.40

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