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Gold rebounds to session highs right now

Yesterday Gold made a move back underneath its 21 day moving average, in lace then just above $2,337. The low seen was set at $2,332.28 and was covered here in a later afternoon update. Well, it did not stay down there for too long and later managed to rebound and close a little higher. However, that close was below that moving average, which is now in place at 2,335.00. So, as you can see it is still falling. Now earlier today Gold pretty much held that level, with the low set at $2,334.91. The rebound that has followed saw it just now climb to session highs, just above $2,347. The low seen around the time the European markets reopened was set at $2,336.20. So, it looks like that 21 day moving average is guarding the base today and that has allowed for a rise, just now above $2,347.50 

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