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Gold looks like it might have done it again?

Earlier this afternoon gold fell back to a session low at $2,282.82 (all the eights and the twos) and that low was some $22.14 below its earlier peak. In several recent updates, the pattern of $20-30 pullbacks has been highlighted here as being sufficient to lure fresh buyers back to the metal. Well, right now it looks like it might have done the trick again? Perhaps it is too early to conclude on that, but it is hoped this observation over several updates here has served the reader well? Leaving that aside, of course it is the modest shunt lower in US yields that is behind the move to back above $2,290 a moment ago. At the same time, it is vitally important to note; that this pattern will not remain in place forever, but so far that seems to be the case. We shall see. Gold is currently trading at $2,287.20  

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