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Is gold going to break above $2,048 this time?

The further falls in the USD/JPY this afternoon following the release of the US Q3 GDP and PCE data has sent the USD/JPY down close to 142 a short while ago and that has provided a boost for Gold. Prior to that the metal had been floundering a bit, but since the US data releases, it has lifted back above $2,040. The price actually spiked to a high at 2,046 immediately after that data, but it has backed off since. So, for now the noted double top in place on the daily chart is still capping the topside. At the same time, the daily chart dynamic continues to support a move higher. Sooner or later we are going to find out, if this is going to play out that way, or not. Gold is just now trading at $2,042.75 

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