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Gold edging higher so far this morning

Yesterday the noted rebound in Gold failed to get past the record it had set earlier in the day, at $2,365.35. The metal peaked at $2,364.33 ahead of the 4pm London FX fix. The slide that followed saw it fall to a low at $2,338.35. It later rebounded again into the US close, where it ended the day at $2,352.78. So, at the risk of sounding like a broken record again, the move from peak to trough was contained to less than $30. Earlier today gold fell back to a low at $2,344.82. However, since then it has been on the rebound once again and it remains to be seen if the metal will be setting news records again at some point today. The US CPI  data could have a say in that too. The high set a moment ago was at $2,360.11. 

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