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Gold by and large ignores USD/JPY swings today

The extremely volatile price action in the USD/JPY so far today has not seemingly had much of a material impact on Gold prices. Of course that is not 100% some of the time, but for the most part Gold has largely ignored those price swings. Gold has become more and more detached from the Yen for several weeks now and price of the metal in Yen terms has risen significantly too. Gold closed on Friday at $2,337.96 after trading a range mostly covered inside $2,290 and $2,350 last week. The low seen earlier today was set at $2,320.06, even as the Yen crumbled past 160 to the dollar. The rebound that has followed since has seen it lift just above $2,340 a short while ago. The high then was set at 2,341.34. It is off that hight now though, currently trading at $2,338.70

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