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GBP/USD still holding gains as GBP/JPY edges towards 200.55

An update here yesterday noted how the GBP/JPY was back above the 200 handle and very close to the current 9 year high set earlier this year, at 200.55. The continued to push higher in that cross has seen it lift to 200.44 so far today after posting a technical US close last night at 200.32. The combination of Yen weakness and GBP/USD strength has helped to push the GBP/JPY close to that current 2024 high again. So, the GBP/USD has held its gains above 1.2750 since the last update here on its progress through that level yesterday. The Pound posted a technical US close at 1.2769. The range seen so far today has been covered by 1.2769 to 1.2783. The GBP/USD is right now trading at 1.2772 

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