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GBP/USD steady above technical level

So far today the GBP/USD has pressed higher above a technical level noted here a few times already in recent days and that is the 50 day moving average. That is in place today at 1.2675 for the most part today, since around 8am the pound has been trading above this level. At the same time, it has not yet extended much above that price point. The high seen so far has been set at 1.2684. One driver behind the modest gains appears to stem from a push higher in the GBP/JPY. That has lifted close to the recent 2024 and 9 year highs seen exactly a week ago, at 191.31. The high seen so far today has been set at 190.76.The GBP/JPY had closed last Friday at 189.97. The GBP/USD does remain hostage this week to all the events already mentioned here earlier, namely US data, Jerome Powell and the UK Budget. It is currently trading at 1.2678

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