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GBP/USD reclaims 1.27

Since my last update highlighting the GBP/JPY, that cross went on to rise further, by about 120 pips, lifting back above 184 for the first time this week. The move very close to the suggested 145 target for the USD/JPY was partly responsible for that, but not entirely because the GBP/USD has also risen at the same time and not too long ago it managed to lift back above the 1.27 handle. The pound had fallen back close to 1.2625 yesterday and again earlier today, after closing in the US last night at 1.2648. The low seen earlier today was set at 1.2638 and since then it has risen to a session high at 1.2713. The move higher in the GBP/USD has also been helped by a corresponding fall in the EUR/GBP, as that now tracks lower again. The GBP/USD is currently trading at 1.2702 

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