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GBP/JPY still has eyes on 191

As far as I can tell,  Yesterday the GBP/JPY managed to post its first daily close above 190 last night since 2015. The GBP/JPY topped out at 190.85 and later closed in the US at 190.57. Today it has been edging higher so far, but yet to rise above the high seen yesterday, but it has exactly matched that high a moment ago. I said yesterday; that the pound was eyeing the 191 level and of course that is the case again this morning. Beyond that the outlook for it to potentially make a move towards 200 remains on track by the looks of it. However, it is worth pointing out, that the highs seen back in 2015 were set above 195 and perhaps that area remains a more realistic target first and of course potentially significant resistance level too. The GBP/JPY ism currently trading at 190.80

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