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GBP/JPY back above 190 again this morning

As the global stock markets rise to new records in some indexes, the Yen has weakened and beyond the USD/JPY itself we have gains in all the major Yen crosses this morning. That was mentioned here a little earlier, when looking at the EUR/JPY. However, that cross is not alone this morning, because the push higher in the GBP/USD has delivered the GBP/JPY to fresh highs, not seen since 2015. The GBP/JPY has pushed past 190 this morning, lifting just above 190.25. So, the reader is once again reminded about what has been said here previously, regarding the prospect and possibility of this one making it back to 200 at some point this year. We shall see. The GBP/JPY is just now trading at 190.25 

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