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The FTSE 100 was the weakest link again

The FTSE 100 was the weakest of the major European stock markets by the close yesterday. The index looked like it had the earnings reports behind it to rise above 7,700 this time, but in the event it was not able to get even close to that level. The FTSE topped out at 7,653 and later fell back into the close, ending the session below 7,600, at 7,595. That was not a positive close and marked a standout in terms of its performance on the day, relative to its peers. The FTSE was the only European stock market index to end in the red yesterday, outside of the SMI. Further comments from a number of BOE officials yesterday did not help it much either. The song remains the same in that regard, with the outlook for UK interest rates to remain elevated. The FTSE 100 is set to reopen little changed shortly this morning 

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